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Shortboard vs Longboard?

What is the difference between a shortboard and a longboard balance board?


The shortboard and the longboard are mainly different in their shape and length. The shortboard is much shorter than the longboard which has a more elongated shape. Although both types of boards are effective in developing balance, coordination and muscle motor skills, there are a few differences.

What type of board should I choose?

It all depends on what you want to use it for.




The shortboard develops balance in the hips. You'll notice that the roller is positioned differently under the two types of boards.To prevent the ends of a shortboard from touching the ground, the side-to-side motion balances both sides of the board so that it is kept level.

It is also possible to use a shortboard for arm strength training by performing, for example, push-ups with the hands positioned at the ends of the board (palms completely on the board).






The longboard is longer and its shape is very similar to a surfboard. Since the roller is the full length of the board, the leverage is felt more at the knee level. The forward and backward movement is reminiscent of standing on a surfboard.

Because it's longer, the longboard type balance board allows for a variety of positions and movements. It's possible to walk on it to work on posture maintenance, an excellent exercise for slackline enthusiasts. In addition, a sitting position allows you to develop your abdominal muscles.