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Canggu Balance Board
Canggu Balance Board
Canggu Balance Board
Canggu Balance Board

Canggu Balance Board


Unique design in Canada! Handmade in Quebec with high quality and sturdy materials for users advocating durable products and for an effective training at home.

The longboard balance board is the perfect ally for skateboarders, snowboarders, surfers and paddleboarders. Field hockey players, yogis or any athlete who wants to develop their motor skills, balance and core muscles will find it beneficial.

It is the longest of our models, a unique model in Canada! What's unique about it? It is practiced on the length of the roll, rather than the width. This board offers a whole new approach to the sport of balance. It will certainly please surfers, slackliners and all those who like to take on challenges.

Dimensions: 44 x 15 x 3/4


Each Luna balance board is unique. They are cut, stained, sanded and assembled by hand by our team members and our manufacturer, all from Gatineau.

To offer you the best quality and durability, we have carefully selected solid, durable and natural materials. Our boards, stoppers and rollers are made of birch wood. Luna rolls are unique in that they are strong, solid, and made entirely of wood. A cork coating is applied to allow for smooth and fluid movement.

In short, it's not because we don't want to see you here again, but our products are designed so you only have to buy them once.


For training!

Balance board training involves exercises that strengthen the muscles that help you stand, including your legs, arms, abs and core.

Simply place the board on the roller, for this one, the roller and the board the same lengthwise and balance yourself on the board.

Watch our videos and photos on social networks to understand how a balance board works.

To have fun!

Once you've learned the concept of the balance board, it's time to have fun and create your own workouts and tricks. Are you innovative? Send us your exploits by email at

For your safety!

Practice the balance board on a non-slip surface (house mat, yoga mat, training mat).

It is recommended to start your practice with a stable support (counter, table, furniture, etc.) in order to find your balance.

On the sides of the board, stoppers are installed to reduce the risk of slipping.

For a better grip, use the balance board barefoot or with shoes.

For durability!

Avoid practicing this activity on dirty surfaces or surfaces that can damage wood and cork such as asphalt and grass.

Always store your board and roller indoors. Avoid rain, as it could damage your board.

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